Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Things I like about the season

I decided I'm going to make a list of things I like or enjoy about the season and Christmastime.
They are in no particular order.

- Snow ( sometimes) 
- Wrapping gifts
- Giving the gift
- And seeing there reaction of joy 
- The lights 
- The songs and sounds
- Decorating the tree ( didn't really do this year, we have a tiny tree and just lights fit really, but it's still a favorite thing)
- The smells of food cooking and peppermint and cinnamon, and other holiday smells
- eating the food ( not overeating it though)
- family time

and most importantly

- the remembrance of our Savior Jesus Christ being born

I think that about covers everything I like about the holiday season.
feel free to add what your favorite things are in the comments below.  

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Travel the World in a Postcard

Most of you know, or should know.......if not it's on my bucket list ( most of it is posted in the sidebar) that I would like to travel the world some day, and see as much of it as I can. ( Continents and countries, anywhere.) I haven't really gotten anywhere. Heck I haven't even gotten a job, and barely get out of my own house as it is right now. But I have signed up for a postcard trading site. I've been on it for a while. and I send postcards, and when they get received I am able to get some sent to me. YES written on, AND from ANY country that has a person signed up.( Most of the world is signed up) I do not get to choose where I send it to, or where I receive, although you can customize some of it. I also will not receive a postcard back from the same person I sent one to. So I could send one to France ( I have before) and receive one from Japan ( I have) but there is the option of direct swap( I send one to someone and the same person sends me one back.) Although that is not a necessity. Here are some of the postcards I have received. 

I'm only going to show two, 'cause I don't want to spoil the rest to view the rest please visit my Postcrossing page. If you want to send me a postcard on postcrossing please message me. OR if you do not have a postcrossing and would still like to send me a postcard please leave me a message in the comments, or message me on facebook, you can even send me an email to my hotmail or gmail. ( I think my emails are on my page, if not comment and tell me. I am really trying to collect postcards from around the world, because it does give me a little feeling that I'm traveling the world, and if I do not get to travel the world, or get to see as much of it as I would like I at least have the postcards as something.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review for 'The Gargoyle Prophecies Part. 1 The Savior Rises'

This is my review for ''The Gargoyle Prophecies Part. 1 The Savior Rises' By. Christopher C. Payne"

Move over vampires,goblins,and lycans there's a new creature in town and it's known as the gargoyle. This book was awesome! I loved it so much I finished it in a day! It starts of at such a fast pace, and doesn't stop. I loved how every page was filled with action and adventure. You totally don't know what way to turn, or what is going to happen next. I can tell you now you will not regret reading this. From the minute you turn that last page you will be screaming for more.

Feel free to add me as a friend on theses sites
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

East Coast Trip

So I went to New England last week. I had a pretty good time I saw family, didn't get to see the friends I had when I lived there though,but still had a good time.

My cousin Alana and I ( I'm in the red)
My cousin Alana and I.

I spend nights at my grandparents house and went to see family the first day, my uncle Bruce and his family I saw once.

    They also sometimes called Eddie by his native name which I am not sure how to spell it and I'm not going to attempt to do so.
This is my cousin Edward, Eddie as he's called.
I have another cousin from this part of the family say hello to Carolyn or Carol Lynn. I'm not sure which spelling or way they word her name I like the Carol Lynn spelling better, here she is....

 Carol Lynn

On this side of the family I didn't really get a chance to get good pic's of my aunt and uncle, but on the same day we saw my other cousins, and aunt and uncle, I got loads of pics there.

My cousin Alana shown in the very first picture wanted to take a lot of video's and pictures, and like always didn't want me to leave. she's a cool little cousin. My cousin Cameron always seems to have a goofy grin on his face.
Here's a picture of my auntie Jean and one of there dogs Pickle
auntie Jean and Pickle 

Cammy being silly

I know the picture set up is a little odd,but I have space for text and it wont always let me put the text were I want in relation to the pictures, so sorry if this is a hard entry to read. I'm trying to cover a week in one blog post.
We now have my uncle Paul,and the other two dogs Rocco and Lily, Lily likes to lick a lot
uncle Paul

Also got a chance to go to Boston, but didn't really see anything it was just a drive through,and also went to Hull and saw some ruins. I wont put the pic's in this post it's already long as it is, but I'm still working on putting them up on my Deviantart but there all up on my Facebook and all the video's I took, or my cousin Alana took are on my youtube channel.
oh and here's pictures of my grandparents, I guess we can't forget them

I think that about covers it for family wise, there were a lot of laughs along the trip but covering them all would take a long time,but if you ask I might share some. well thats all for now.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Save Blue Like Jazz

I remember a while back I posted about a movie coming out based on a book called 'Blue Like Jazz' by Donald Miller. Well about a week ago Don. posted on his blog that the movie would be put on hold or not made at all I was bummed about it but kinda got over it. Well today I happen to have a conversation with someone on the bus today about Donald Miller and 'Blue Like Jazz' She said something like I'm reading this Christian book that's being made into a movie and I stumbled over my words a little bit before even mentioning 'Blue Like Jazz' but yes we were thinking of the same title. Telling her I read on Don's blog about production being off we got on the subject of Don's other books and Anne Lamott and other authors as well. Well we tell eachother names and go out separate ways, might run into each other again and talk more. Well I come home today, blog lol second blog post of the day this is very unusual. well anyway I talk to people,check emails, find out I'm going to MA again ( where I was born and such). Going off topic for a bit, but while I'm there I'm going to spend time in town (walking!) taking pictures of everything!!! like literally everything 'cause I remember most of the town's layout even though I haven't been there i a while and didn't really grow up there but its still there ( map still needed lol) but besides pictures and parks and such, I'm actually going to get job applications and apply at places out there and might move back there and try it 'cause there might be more opportunity out there for me. I will be blogging with pictures while I'm there I just have to find a bag to carry my laptop in and possibly my hard-drive as well, but I'll get more on the subject of my trip later.

Now back to where I was......well after email's,and cleaning and such I'm on facebook and I see a post from Donald Miller that the movie might be back on if enough money can be earned. I cannot donate any money as for I am broke right now accept for some left over money my dad gave me from when he went away on business, but I'm saving that for my trip....shhhh don't mention anything. lol ..ok seriously. well some of it might be mine i had hidden idk cause i found it in my makeup bag. lol so it must of been mine from a LONG time ago. well anyway I'm at least passing the word along and all this other awesome news.
 Well here's a link to Donald Miller's blog for those interested,
and the link to the site for Blue Like Jazz

Enjoy! again comments,complaints,questions,suggestions are always welcome and appreciated



Missing persons its always been a mystery on why people are kidnapped or why they choose to disappear on there own, Christopher McCandless for example. He choose to abandon all civilized life and live off the land, but what about those kidnapped? They don't have a choice and some cases seem to be taken more seriously than others, and some just seem to be brushed aside it seems why aren't they as important as the ones making nationwide news? Or are they and were just not noticing it?

What really got me thinking about this is a story that was on my Google home page, a news article from CNN. Her case is still open and there still looking, which I am very glad for, but with all the missing people in the world, how many of them CHOSE to disappear, and which ones were taken against there will? Why do people take people, and why murder some. How do some escape, or why do some captures release there victims? It's all a mystery to me.

I think that there is a huge possibility that Kimberly Norwood is still alive Its just the fact of finding her. Does she want to be found, but she was 12 when she disappeared, yes possible runaway, but just after reading this article even after a small fuss over the phone I don't think so, and for 21 years too?

Even though I think Kimberly is still alive this crossed my mind when I first opened the article.I am now reading 'The Lovely Bones' like in my previous post I watched the movie well now reading the book, After opening this article I thought hey that girl looks like Susie Salmon.Don't you think?

Kimberly Norwood

Susie Salmon

Well after all my talk on this subject right now what are your thoughts on it? Please any comments are welcome I really would like to get my blog out there more and more people reading it. I'm trying to do more reviews and thoughts on little things in the news that do interest me, the things that don't get noticed and what not. NOT all the this celebrities in jail he did/she did blah blah blah crap. Im putting my thoughts out there on the news most people probably ignore and I hope you like it. Feel free to comment on ideas that you would like me to post my thoughts on as well. Since I'm trying to make my blog different than all the other blogs out there.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Lovely Bones (review) and a little bit more

Just watched the movie The Lovely Bones  I really liked it. 

Susie Salmon ( yes like the fish) was murdered. This is the story of her life, not really the story of her life here on earth, but about her life after she died. 

I don't really want to tell anymore of what happen in risk of spoiling anything. 

I am definitely going to be reading this book, I need to catch up on my reading. I was doing well for about a week or so and have slipped a little with reading, I think it's cause some of the books on my list to read haven't been catching my attention right now. I think I might return them to the library and try them at another time, and try others on my list. Who knows the books that I can't get into now that I've currently started I might be able to finish later.

I highly recommend this movie though. At times I did find myself gripping my skin in wonder and hope that the things I wanted to happen would happen. There is no blood, and not much suspense but I still felt that way. Maybe I was trying to connect with Susie? I think the acting was really good in this movie as well. A lot of vivid colors used, I love it when colors are used. They can mean a lot in a movie. In Suspiria an Italian horror film from director Dario Argento. Even though Suspiria is a horror film there's not a lot of blood ( there is some though) but most of the movie colors are used to express he mood. I know its not the same color effects as in The Lovely Bones  but the brightness in the afterlife scenes were nice. 

Have you scene this movie? If so please tell me what you think. Oh you cal tell me what you think of Suspiria if  you've seen that as well. any comments will be appreciated.


- alex

curretnly listening to: Anberlin - Impossible - dark is the way light is a place
eating : nothing teeth are brushed for evening
drinking: again nothing teeh are still brushed

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

yesterday and today

So the other day I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, it was my mom asking how long it takes me to walk to the library, me about 30 minutes, I climb out of bed grab my laptop and quickly check my email, and then get ready to head out the door. I meet mom there grab a few items off the shelf. Mom can't get connected to there wi-fi with her laptop so we leave, she needed a ride home, I could of easily walked back home to my place I started walking with her, and checking up on my applications i had turned in a few days before, and we walked and walked. So we reach a Wendy's we stop and have a small bite to eat, and were still walking sorta worn out but I didn't want to leave her, her being in a wheelchair on very crappy sidewalks trying to get home( not able to walk to her place from where we are it would take forever) I stop and take a picture of a street sign, ( only set of pictures I get all day) I really wish I would of taken more now that I think about it. Here's one of them

Remember the rest of my pictures may be viewed at my deviantart please leave me comments on how my pictures are i always love hearing from my readers( when that happens very rarely)

So were walking more and its hot and exhausting weather. We do stop in a few stores along the way but don't get anything, when we stop at the bread store we get a snack and something to drink. A little longer till we get to the other library. I have to sit when i get there cause someone looked like i was about to pass out. so i grab 'the catcher in the rye' off the bookshelf and read a little. then i walk around and sit by my mom later. still now way anywhere. I call my friend again and seeing how much she would want in gas money, but thats not what i said. I said 'what kind of gas do you want, and how many chips do you want?' we were going to get potato chips at the store.
she picks mom and i up we get some gas, and head to wal-mart. drop my mom off and head to my place for a little bit. drop things off and pick 'em up, well mom forgot her pork roast in the car, and i didn't hear my phone ring cause it was in my purse in the back seat. so now its sitting in the freezer....ooops ok so i spend the night at my friends house, and now im at home writing thing blog.
I'm still looking very hard for a job and am having no luck. I called back a few places today, one i have to call back tomorrow, and one isnt hireing right now :( and the other place i have to wait till monday when they call me( i hope they do)

well that's all i have for you for now

currently listening to: Mat Kearney ( also been listening to a lot of other indie music i love it

watching: nothing. but might watch a movie soon.

eating: nothing

drinking: nothing but i am thirsty


Friday, July 30, 2010

Que Sera Sera

 First I know some have already read this through my tumblr blog, but I felt the need to post this on blogger as well, i don't update blogger as much as i think i should so its being updated now, and for long posts i just have to remember to update here and save small posts for tumblr.

anyways on to the reason of this post

Just watched the pilot to ‘Dead like Me’ and also a movie called ‘Mary and Max’ first both at the end of them had the song Que Sera Sera (spelling might be off but oh well) Mary and Max was a good little movie, but it really had emotions all around, it was happy, then it was sad, then you were angry, in the end i cried a little, I don’t want to spoil the ending but the basis of the movie is this little girl (mary) from australia writes a man (max) in new york, he is older and has some mental problems( i’ll let you watch to find out for yourself) but they go through trials of happiness sadness anger forgivness, and more. It is a touching little film, one im not sure if i would be able to watch again though, but it did get me thinking, maybe do what mary did… open a international phone book, pick a random person and write to them and see what the outcome is?
if you’ve seen this lovely little film what’s your optinion?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living a better story

What kind of story would I like to live?

I want to make an impact in life, really live, be adventurous,travel the world, try new things,find out who I'm suppose to be and more.

I cannot do this yet, I cannot make my life an adventure, I first have to start from step 1. that is my current path and story in life, living today as it is. Finish moving back in with my dad from my moms, find a job which I desperately need, and hopefully get my license. My current goals in life may be simple, but for me to do my bigger plans in life I realize I have to start small.

How will this seminar help me?

I think it will help me get more out of life, see things from a new perspective, it will inspire and motivate me to continue my story more, to tell my story through blogs, and books ( I do plan on trying to write some books.)

I know I have kept this short, but sometimes that's all I think is really needed. Thank you for reading.

Please visit  www.donmilleris.com/conference

Living a Better Story Seminar from All Things Converge Podcast on Vimeo.

Thank you again for reading, and watching.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Robins Blue

There is a Robins nest right outside my window. I'm not sure how long it's been there with the eggs inside, but I do know they should be hatching soon.

Here's some pictures of what the nest looks like now.

There are 3 eggs,it would of been cool if there was more, but Robins normally only lay 3-4 very rarely any more. but look at the colour isn't it so cool?

Here you are able to see more of the nest, its so well constructed, and looks amazing!

I hope to keep up with pictures, and hopefully will be able to see them hatch, and watch more of there progress.

- Alex

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gates of Hell

By the title your probably wondering what in the world? Am I right? Well let me explain, these places called the 'gates of hell' are supposedly all over the world, but I'm not 100% positive, I knew of one in Columbus,OH it is also known as the Blood Bowl, 'cause I guess some kid died there once while skateboarding. There is a lot of graffiti art there,When I went I didn't go in as deep as  would of liked, but some day maybe I'll be able to go deeper. I'm not going to give anymore deep history on the gates, 'cause my info might be wrong. I will however share some pictures with you. First I want to show you what we,( my friends and I found, no I know there all over the place, but we didn't think about it till this point.) 

What is this you ask? Well it's where the sidewalk ends of course.

Now we enter the Gates of Hell
This is the front entrance to the Gates of Hell, looks like once you enter you don't come out. Be ready to enter Hell!

This is inside the tunnel looking out, yes it is VERY dark inside, if you go here, you WILL NEED a FLASHLIGHT, oh and I recommend boots, my friends and I didn't have boots on, but next time I go I am wearing boots so I can go deeper there is a lot of water, and please be careful, there is a little bit of walking before getting to the tunnel itself.
Now we move on to some of the art.

 I am not sure who this man is suppose to be, I've seen other pictures on the web, that with the other surrounding pieces of art, I have confirmed that this is the same man I have seen, the paint just looks like it has been retouch up since the one's I've seen online. When I go deeper into the tunnel next time I will hopefully find more!

Some of the art is really detailed take a look at this one
and see for yourself.

I was not able to get the whole picture in the shot, it is very though to get pictures in the tunnel, very claustrophobic inside, but it's totally worth it.

That is all the pictures I am going to post in the blog if you want to see the rest, or see more please visit my Facebook or my deviantArt


Friday, June 18, 2010

Limited Time?

I don't watch the news, but briefly before Jeopardy was on, I caught the end of the news, and this news segment really got me thinking. Someone in Utah was being put to death  by firing squad.(no longer allowed, unless convicted before 2004). He could of choose lethal injection, but he choose firing squad,but what really got me thinking is he was executed at 12am this morning. The news segment was at about 7pm Thursday. So with only a few hours to live, what would/could he do with his life? I am not a criminal(obviously) but it still got me thinking, if I knew I only had a few hours left to live what would I do with the time I did have?

Bringing me back to my bucket list, a lot of the stuff on my list cannot be done in a few hours, or a few days if you really think about it. I know for one thing I would want to have a nice meal(like most criminals, normally get one last meal.) What would I want that meal to be, that I have not thought about. Something nice, but something I know I would remember if I were to still live. Steak and Potatoes would be nice, but I think I would want more. I would probably have a whole feast of stuff, pig out sure, but mine as well it would be my last few hours to eat. I would complete what is possible on my bucket list. I would want to make the last hours on earth more meaningful that any other time I had spent on earth. Which also gets me thinking we do not know when we will die, it could be today, tomorrow, next week, next month. I try to live my life to the fullest each day, but someday's  its really hard. Someday's I feel sad, others angry, and feelings are not the only thing to intervene. I cannot get out of the house most days, so most days I end up sitting around doing nothing. I am trying to write a book, and I plan on getting it published, if it goes well, I actually plan in writing a lot more books. I should also work on a memoir of my life, I'm just not sure how I would feel right now putting that out there, but a fiction story is a good start.

 So now I'm asking you, if you knew you only had a few hours left to live what would you do with the time you had? Would you live life like you do everday, or would you change your life just for those few hour

Even though he killed people I would like to thank Ronnie Lee Gardner for inspiring me to write this, somehow through your death it inspired me and really got me thinking. I need to work on my bucket list more, and actually TRY to do something with my life even though I'm with limited transportation. I can write my book as a start.

You should do it too.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How TWLOHA has effected me.(Order for TWLOHA street team!)

As some of you may know TWLOHA has had a big impact in my life, at sometimes it may not be as much as others, but it's still there, in the words, music and more! I spread the word about TWLOHA as much as I can. Not everyone will listen thought, but I think that's all there choice weather they decide to listen or not, and that's not just the case with an organization, but with anything I'm talking to someone about, I know my friends will listen, but strangers it's hard to tell. I found out mainly about TWLOHA through Hawthorne Heights, I was mainly on myspace then, and I saw a bulletin about Casey Calvert, and I cried. I read that the band supported TWLOHA and looked more into the organization, and I'm very glad I did. I read Renee's story and also cried. I do have a story of my own, I know my story is not complete, but I keep going I keep trying with the help of friends, and music I can make it even easier. Thank you!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Lets do the Time Warp again.......

Went to Rocky Horror Picture Show again on Friday May,28th, I took some pictures but they didn't turn out that well, they look really distorted and stuff

This is me( the one with the red boa, and green squirtgun) and my friend. This was before the showing, oh and my boa feathers we falling off sometimes, so red and black feathers were everywhere.

Heres a picture to show you how distorted the images were that night.

 Like I said I should be able to get
better pictures this week, the theater is changing from the end of the month to the begging of the month. In October, they'll probably do it on Halloween, that showing will be in the theater though.

I finished 'Dewey: The small-town library cat who touched the world' I cried at the end, but in all it was a really good book.

Thats all I have for now


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A walk through the gardens

I was hanging out with a friend yesterday! I had so much fun took so many pictures it was unreal,Went to eat at Hong Kong buffet,then went to the gardens, then went to a wig store hahah, then to khols ha, then to her house to watch Joker stuff.So you probably want some pictures of our adventure, right? ok
Here we have Pan, the Greek god of....wikipedia says shepherds, flocks, and mountain wilds,I've always thought it was something more sinester, cause I mean look at those horns its crazy!!!!

Ok here I am, yea I'm a dork right? I know I am lol.
Like I said earlier, there's A LOT more pictures, and if you want to see them all please go to my facebook page.

There is another Rocky Horror this week, so I'll be going to that, so fun!!!!! and my friend graduates soon, so we'll be hanging out and stuff :D so great!

That's all I really have for now, just wanted to share briefly of how yesterday was, share a few pic's and be on my merry little way.

Oh I'm so tired, woke up at 5 to upload all the pic's and stuff ,and at first go facebook upload fails and thats after like a 15 min wait. uggg I hate it sometimes.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday, today, and more books

I went to a Vietnamese restaurant  yesterday, it was really good, I had a soup with meat ball bits, and a broth it was good!! It was a restaurant call Saigon,I went with someone I met at the Ronald McDonald house in Cleveland. This restaurant is near the House of Blues, Flyleaf was playing there the day we went. I really would of loved to see them, and tonight Metric is playing. Would love to see them too but also unfortunately can't.

Today I so far have went to the Botanical Gardens in Cleveland, not to see the gardens though, just to look at the gift shop.It still was a nice walk with my friend.

I also went to the art museum, and history today! At the art museum I saw some pretty famous art. the one of Marilyn Monroe the Andy Warhol did, also some famous Monet.

  Also went to the history museum, saw some animals there, and was going to watch a show, and try and see Saturn as well, but decided to go back to the house, and skip all that.

I'm bored now, and I want to go home, and watch the movies, and read the books I got from the library.I still have to finish 'Dewey'

This book is so cool! I wish my library had a cat, I know the cat in this book was there for a reason, and because it didn't have a home, other than the library, but it's still awesome. I'll probably finish it before we get home, or soon after I get home. I just have A LOT of reading to do when I get home, and A LOT of movie watching.

Yesterday I also met someone else new!!! We watched two movies together, we watched Jumanji, and Rock-a-Doodle, if you don't know what Rock-a-Doodle is watch it, it's an awesome kids movie I grew up on!!! and I'm sure you've all heard of Jumanji with Robin Williams, I think tonight if I can find them at the house I'm gonna watch Ghostbusters 1&2 wont have anyone to watch them with though, unless I meet someone else to watch with.

Well you've probably had enough of me for the day, I've been trying to do at least one blog post a day, or every other day at least.

- Alex

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's a dog's Life

Ok since I'm still at the RMH, there is a dog that came to visit tonight! Her name is Daisy, and she is a beautiful dog.
This is Daisy, I think they said she was a Golden Retriever.
She sat in a chair, and also caught treats when they were tossed to her.

I also got a stuffed monkey today. It's not a little monkey it's a pretty big stuffed monkey! Were playing bingo in a few minutes, I'm going to try and win some awesome prizes.

Oh I finished 'Speak' I really liked it,I wish I would of read it sooner, but just never did.

I started a book called "Dewey: The small-town library cat who touch the world"
I really like it so far, I must if I just started it today, and I'm already on chapter 9
 I know I've been adding a lot more pic's to my blog, but I think it's added more life.
I didn't go outside at all today too much rain right now, and plus it's nice inside! People to talk to, stuff to do.
Will hopefully do more tomorrow, Oh I ALMOST won tickets to a Flyleaf concert, but would of never gotten the answer correct. :(

 Well that's all for now.

-Alex(aka Punkeymonkey529)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Museums Today

Went to the museum of History today in Cleveland.I got a lot of pictures and had fun!

Here is a duck, and there ducklings we saw there so cute!Also saw a lot of other animals, and other exhibits.

There was a dinosaur exhibit. Check this out it's awesome.

We also got to see some animals being fed.A fox, bobcat and raccoons.

The bob cats being fed,and this is the second time I've wanted to call them mountain lions. lol I have a lot more pics but way to many to share.

My facebook holds the rest of the pics, and my deviantart holds some as well.

-Alex(aka PunkeyMonkey529)

Friday, May 14, 2010

What's going on in my life as of now!

Ok so I'm in Cleveland for a few days,my brother Seanny had sugury today (Friday, May, 11th) I met knew people at the RMH this time,made good friends with one of them! Got a lot to do over the next few days, hope to have some fun and go to some museams as well.
 Sorry no pictures of anything right now. I haven't been able to get any 'casue we haven't gone to museams, or parks yet.Oh and I came up to Cleveland Friday evening, and still haven't been to sleep yet.I woke up around 8ish Friday morning,and am still awake.I am not tired, but I know I should try and get some sleep. I'm not going to try and sleep just yet though.It still is WAY to early, even for someone who has gotten no sleep.

Haven't eaten much either today, lot of junk(filler food) just to hold me off for a while, the house did have dinner ready but it was sloppy joe's and pulled pork, and well both of those make my stomach hurt, or give my diarreah, ok like you really wanted to know that.....NOT...so I had 1 slice of pizza. I've also had some cookies, oh a hot dog, banana TONS of peanut butter, and some pudding.Had some pop, also had a Monster Energy.I also saw Emily's baby she is my new friend(sister) :D her baby's name is Malachi he is so cute! Walked and talked a lot. Hope to really do more tomorrow, oh and was out in the rain this moring at like 3 am

Currently listening to: nothing accept typing of the keys
Watching: nothing but the computer monitor
Eating: nothing
drinking: nothing

ok well I hope I have more to say tomorrow

-Alex(aka PunkeyMonkey529)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So like you see on the sidebar of my list of things to do,people to meet,and places to go before I die.Well I've started a list of books to read before I die basically,but I would love to try and read as many as I can ASAP,and I can read a huge majority of these books soon,I'm going to try and get these read by the end of this year.

Cut by Patricia McCormic 
North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley 
After by Amy Efaw 
Breathe my Name by R.A. Nelson 
Hold Still by Nina Lacour 
Thirteen reasons Why by Jay Asher 
Crash into Me by Albert Boris 
Looking for Alaska by John Green 
Willow by Julia Hoban 
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson 
Impulse by Ellen Hopkins 
Crank by Ellen Hopkins 
Glass by Ellen Hopkins 
Burned by Ellen Hopkins 
Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
when it happens by Susane Colasanti 
Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr
Tricks by Ellen Hopkins
Identical by Ellen Hopkin

There are A LOT more books than this I would like to read of course,but this is the basic list I made last night.I really like books that have a real-life story line even if there fiction,one's I can relate to, or people I know can relate to.I just finished 'Before I Die' last night.

I thought it was a really good book,I thought I was going to struggle through part(s) of it with the content it was on,but I didn't really struggle with it at all. It was a sad book. It was about this girl named Tessa who had a list of things she wanted to do before she died.She knew she was going to die, 'cause of her diagnosis with leukemia.Her list wasn't long there was only 10 things on the list.I wont spoil what was on her list, or anything else in the book. I really would like you all to read it for yourself. If and when you do read it, please come back here and comment and tell me what you thought,(we can share thoughts).

 I am now reading the book 'Speak' by Laurie Halse Anderson. In fact from starting it late last night I'm          already 40 pages into it.
I will try and write a small review about each book I read, and the one I'm going to read next.I will probably be done with 'Speak' by the end of this week.I am hoping to get to the library really soon, and I will get one of the books, or maybe more than one book on my list.

I can't wait till I get to the library, 'cause I have a lot of stuff to pick up as well.I could see if I can get there tomorrow....but also don't want to bother dad with him having to take me,but it also wont hurt to ask.Well I just know whenever I get to the library I'll be a happy camper.That's all I really need to be happy right now,is get out of the house at least once a week,it's been really stressfull being at home,but I have to take care of the dog,baby birds, and the house.Which reminds me I do have a new pic of Adelaide and Xaviar! 

Take a look!
Aren't they so cute?

Well I think that about cover's it all for now! 

Listening to: Full House
Watching: Full House
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Dr.Thunder(walmart brand of Dr.Pepper)
Reading: 'Speak' by Laurie Halse Anderson

-Alex(aka Punkeymonkey529)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! I got to spend time with my mommy, she's been in Cleveland 'cause my brother has some appointments, I gave her a cd,I hope she likes it!

I wish I would of been able to stay for dinner,but wasn't able to,dad wanted to get home and such.

I have decided on final names for the baby robins.

Meet Alelaide and Xavair.

I have not labled which bird is who,but at least we have names!

Listening to: the tv, waiting for cartoons to be on in about half an hour.
Eating: nothing right now
Drinking:: nothing right now as well.

-Alex (aka Punkeymonkey529

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another adventure in life.

So right now I'm taking care of two beautiful baby robins for the Ohio Bird Sanctuary,once there grown a little more,they go back, and I get more babies to take care of.I get to name them,I haven't thought of names yet.Names I've found that I really like are Ezven,Willow,Mzima,Rylan, and Tegan,but I'm still thinking.I have them for about a week or two, so once there a little older names will be easier to decide on.

     Seanny, and the rest of the family is still in Cleveland
 Seanny had to have a shunt put in, all updates can be viewed here,but I'll still try and post some updates here, 'cause I like to try and keep up on my blog as much as possible. I've stayed home to take care of the house, and the dog instead of staying in Cleveland. It's been pretty nice, having some alone time, but it still gets depressing at times.I went to my friends the 30th, and we went to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had fun,even though I had a killer ear ache all through last week,it still is there, but there is no pain, so that's good. It had been hurting so much I wasn't sleeping(not counting the nights I don't sleep to being with.
 The lawn got mowed the other day by someone,now sure who,they just stopped by mowed the lawn,I was like yea! That's cool. Also one of my friends I hadn't seen in years visited for a few days,he's on summer vacation,and decided to visit.He was going to visit others too,but plans changed a little.

 Sorry I don't have any pictures right now of them just sitting.I was feeding them.I will have more pictures up as they grow( at least for as long as I have them). I'm really looking forward to watching them grow the first few weeks of there life.

Today I go on more job hunting, but this time closer to town, 'cause I don't have a car, heck I don't even have my license. I'm still looking into getting a bike to make transportation a little easier.It will also be very good for my exercising.I normally turn on some music and dance around my room,I probably look a little bizarre doing that,but oh well who cares? 

I'm also still working on writing a book.I've slowly been working at it,but it's not anywhere near done.Once I see more progress I'll be more motivated to finish it,and I can barely get started lol.Of course I have a lot of reading to do myself,I'm currently reading 'American Psycho' by Brett Easton Ellis.I also have like 4 other books I want/need to finish.

Currently listening to: Anberlin,Copeland,The Temper Trap, and Bob Dylan
Currently reading : American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis
Currently watching: nothing(accept my laptop screen)

I think that just about covers everything right now,hopefully something interesting happens today.

- Alex (aka Punkeymonkey529)

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Unmarked Journey 'Million Miles'

I submitted this video in a contest for Donald Miller.He is author, and has written some amazing books.One of his books "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years:What I Learned While Editing My Life"
he has made a contest,I wont go into detail on it,but I'll link you to his blog and you can read for yourself.

Well I submitted an entry,and heres the video,if you could also go here and vote for me that would be wonderful,and spread the word as well for others to vote.The main prize is 1,000 dollars,I think he mentioned there might be other intensives for those who didn't win,but we'll find out.

I think voting starts tomorrow,its mentioned in his blog.Thank you for reading,and watching and all your votes!

The Unmarked Journey

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have a little Heart

The other day was a huge adventure! I'm sorry I don't have pictures,I accidentally left my camera at home,but here's the story anyways.

It was needed/wanted to go into town kind of day,and without a car whats a way of transportation? walk. That's exactly what mom and I did.Sure living on a semi busy road.( pun intended,and not) depends on how you look at it. Okay so we bundle up because it's suppose to rain,and might be cold,and were off. Mom starts sticking out the hitchhickers thumb.No ones stops,well not yet at least.About two miles down the road,someone does.It happens to be my friends dad,I hadn't recognized him at first.He drops us of at our first destination the library.Were there for about 45 min,I think. Then we walk to the gas station, for lunch, we eat and relax outside the gas station for a while.The walk to wal-mart was pretty good.So were shopping in wal-mart,well getting as little as possible,so we can carry it all home.(we still ended up getting to much anyway).We decide to stop at the local game store,I buy all my games,and a lot of my movies there.That visit there happen to be two pokemon games I was looking for,but about 20 minutes before hand he got those games, lol
We start the long walk home.We get to another gas station,about 3 miles (I think) down the road,but along that walk, mom fell out of her chair,it had been a red light, and no one asked if we were okay! It really annoys me that people are in such a hurry these days,so self-absorbed and shit.We made it through though, mom did a really good job in not breaking down at all and giving up and crying.Another thing that happen before we reached the gas station is, we saw a church marquee, it said "what on earth are you doing,for heavens sake?" We laughed so hard, and yes we did wonder, what on earth where we doing?
 So now lets jump to us at the gas station, because not much happen till then.Sitting outside the gas station on the ground,mom went inside to get more plastic bags.We asked a few people there what way they were going,and what did we get more stares,and people saying no!We start the walk home,and a little ways down the road, someone stops to help, and guess who it was?.......yes my friends dad again timing was with us that day, he stopped and helped again,and brought us the rest of the way home.

It was really an adventure,I think it really opened my mind a little more,I'm not really sure how it did yet,and maybe I'm not suppose to know yet. 

Maybe this will show other people as well, to pay attention to the little things more.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Probably the greatest news you'll hear all week.

Some of you probably already know,but I just had to blog about it,and let those who don't know,well.....

The greatest new this week,for me at least is......I started school!!! I'm at the Art institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Major is Photography. I started this week,so I'm still waiting for my books,and stuff so I can get all my supplies, and I hope I get enough finacial aid so I can get ALL my supplies, everything I need  is really expensive. A camera being one of those things.

While I'm on a good note, I'm also going to a friends house this weekend.It's gonna be so much fun! I love it when I get to spend time with my friends.

I also cannot wait till Anberlin's new album comes out!!!! I think it is later this year!! I'm really excitied to hear it,I also gotta add the Disney movies that came out of the vault!

latest book I finished was "My best friends Girl" totally loved it! Gonna find more from the author.

Well that's all I really have for now,I'm just excited about a lot of stuff right now.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A night at Frankensteins Castle

Ok every month my friends and I all like to have a  little fun and do a little dance called the Time Warp! We go to The Renaissance, we just call it The Ren. lol aren't  we just awesome? ok so were watching Rocky Horror dancing screaming and just being crazy, its our thing that we do.

                                                      One of my friends.

                                                  and Me

You can also check these two photo out on my deviantArt which I would love if you did,oh and if you have an account there please leave comments,favourite and watch me please!!! :D

More pictures are up on my facebook account

I also went to thrift stores the other day and found some pretty freaky dolls

I didn't take picture of all of them just two,I had been thinking of getting one and modding it to a zombie,but I'll wait and mod my old barbie's first to zombies

ok I will show the freaky findings at the thrift store there are only two pics right now,but once I go more thrift store searching I might find more.

This doll looked like one of one of the "Damned" movies either "Children of the Damned" or "Villagae of the Damned"

This doll is here cause its face fall ghost pale white,or whiter and rest of its skin was like pinkish.

again there photo's can be view via facebook please add me there send me a note telling me who you are as well,just in case :Dme on facebook

oh and a one of my friends and I decided Chuck Norris for president

k bye - punkeymonkey529

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's happen over the past few weeks

I had an awesome birthday on the 11th.....didn't really do anything different from what I do everyday,but I got a laptop computer for my birthday !

I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show again a couple days ago....so far only 2 more dates are set up..hopefully the theatre sets more! Sorry no pictures this time..none came out right.

oh mom sold the car....so its hard to get around and out places.but it hopefully will give us more income.

oh also after not having tv for about 2 years..we finally got it again.Which makes me happy,I've caught up on a few shows....not LOST though.I've sadly decided to skip that..I have way too much that I missed to catch up on.When it returns I'm going to watch Glee and see what all the hype about it is....people say its a really good show,so I'm going to see for myself! :P

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching up!

Ok it's been a while,.....but here's an update of everything that's been happening

Went to Rocky Horror Show again I've been going every month


ok well the bottom one is me,the others are friends,the group photo is some friends and some other random people we saw at RHPS, theres more photos and if you would like to see them just visit my facebook.

Oh and an exciting event tomorrow, It's my birthday!!!! I turn 21 ...yea I'm sorta snowed in though....snow,snow and more snow.....its crazy....I'm hanging out with friends Friday though...totally awesome!!!!!! oh I'm typing this entry on my new laptop I got for my birthday! and I'm watching Man vs. Food..... we haven't had tv in 2 yrs. :D

When I hang out with my friends Friday, I will hopefully also have some pictures.... of randomness.. hahaha

Well that's all really for now! I'll have another update on how my actual birthday "day" went! hehehe