Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A night at Frankensteins Castle

Ok every month my friends and I all like to have a  little fun and do a little dance called the Time Warp! We go to The Renaissance, we just call it The Ren. lol aren't  we just awesome? ok so were watching Rocky Horror dancing screaming and just being crazy, its our thing that we do.

                                                      One of my friends.

                                                  and Me

You can also check these two photo out on my deviantArt which I would love if you did,oh and if you have an account there please leave comments,favourite and watch me please!!! :D

More pictures are up on my facebook account

I also went to thrift stores the other day and found some pretty freaky dolls

I didn't take picture of all of them just two,I had been thinking of getting one and modding it to a zombie,but I'll wait and mod my old barbie's first to zombies

ok I will show the freaky findings at the thrift store there are only two pics right now,but once I go more thrift store searching I might find more.

This doll looked like one of one of the "Damned" movies either "Children of the Damned" or "Villagae of the Damned"

This doll is here cause its face fall ghost pale white,or whiter and rest of its skin was like pinkish.

again there photo's can be view via facebook please add me there send me a note telling me who you are as well,just in case :Dme on facebook

oh and a one of my friends and I decided Chuck Norris for president

k bye - punkeymonkey529

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