Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another adventure in life.

So right now I'm taking care of two beautiful baby robins for the Ohio Bird Sanctuary,once there grown a little more,they go back, and I get more babies to take care of.I get to name them,I haven't thought of names yet.Names I've found that I really like are Ezven,Willow,Mzima,Rylan, and Tegan,but I'm still thinking.I have them for about a week or two, so once there a little older names will be easier to decide on.

     Seanny, and the rest of the family is still in Cleveland
 Seanny had to have a shunt put in, all updates can be viewed here,but I'll still try and post some updates here, 'cause I like to try and keep up on my blog as much as possible. I've stayed home to take care of the house, and the dog instead of staying in Cleveland. It's been pretty nice, having some alone time, but it still gets depressing at times.I went to my friends the 30th, and we went to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I had fun,even though I had a killer ear ache all through last week,it still is there, but there is no pain, so that's good. It had been hurting so much I wasn't sleeping(not counting the nights I don't sleep to being with.
 The lawn got mowed the other day by someone,now sure who,they just stopped by mowed the lawn,I was like yea! That's cool. Also one of my friends I hadn't seen in years visited for a few days,he's on summer vacation,and decided to visit.He was going to visit others too,but plans changed a little.

 Sorry I don't have any pictures right now of them just sitting.I was feeding them.I will have more pictures up as they grow( at least for as long as I have them). I'm really looking forward to watching them grow the first few weeks of there life.

Today I go on more job hunting, but this time closer to town, 'cause I don't have a car, heck I don't even have my license. I'm still looking into getting a bike to make transportation a little easier.It will also be very good for my exercising.I normally turn on some music and dance around my room,I probably look a little bizarre doing that,but oh well who cares? 

I'm also still working on writing a book.I've slowly been working at it,but it's not anywhere near done.Once I see more progress I'll be more motivated to finish it,and I can barely get started lol.Of course I have a lot of reading to do myself,I'm currently reading 'American Psycho' by Brett Easton Ellis.I also have like 4 other books I want/need to finish.

Currently listening to: Anberlin,Copeland,The Temper Trap, and Bob Dylan
Currently reading : American Psycho by Brett Easton Ellis
Currently watching: nothing(accept my laptop screen)

I think that just about covers everything right now,hopefully something interesting happens today.

- Alex (aka Punkeymonkey529)

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