Wednesday, August 11, 2010

yesterday and today

So the other day I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing, it was my mom asking how long it takes me to walk to the library, me about 30 minutes, I climb out of bed grab my laptop and quickly check my email, and then get ready to head out the door. I meet mom there grab a few items off the shelf. Mom can't get connected to there wi-fi with her laptop so we leave, she needed a ride home, I could of easily walked back home to my place I started walking with her, and checking up on my applications i had turned in a few days before, and we walked and walked. So we reach a Wendy's we stop and have a small bite to eat, and were still walking sorta worn out but I didn't want to leave her, her being in a wheelchair on very crappy sidewalks trying to get home( not able to walk to her place from where we are it would take forever) I stop and take a picture of a street sign, ( only set of pictures I get all day) I really wish I would of taken more now that I think about it. Here's one of them

Remember the rest of my pictures may be viewed at my deviantart please leave me comments on how my pictures are i always love hearing from my readers( when that happens very rarely)

So were walking more and its hot and exhausting weather. We do stop in a few stores along the way but don't get anything, when we stop at the bread store we get a snack and something to drink. A little longer till we get to the other library. I have to sit when i get there cause someone looked like i was about to pass out. so i grab 'the catcher in the rye' off the bookshelf and read a little. then i walk around and sit by my mom later. still now way anywhere. I call my friend again and seeing how much she would want in gas money, but thats not what i said. I said 'what kind of gas do you want, and how many chips do you want?' we were going to get potato chips at the store.
she picks mom and i up we get some gas, and head to wal-mart. drop my mom off and head to my place for a little bit. drop things off and pick 'em up, well mom forgot her pork roast in the car, and i didn't hear my phone ring cause it was in my purse in the back seat. so now its sitting in the freezer....ooops ok so i spend the night at my friends house, and now im at home writing thing blog.
I'm still looking very hard for a job and am having no luck. I called back a few places today, one i have to call back tomorrow, and one isnt hireing right now :( and the other place i have to wait till monday when they call me( i hope they do)

well that's all i have for you for now

currently listening to: Mat Kearney ( also been listening to a lot of other indie music i love it

watching: nothing. but might watch a movie soon.

eating: nothing

drinking: nothing but i am thirsty


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