Friday, May 14, 2010

What's going on in my life as of now!

Ok so I'm in Cleveland for a few days,my brother Seanny had sugury today (Friday, May, 11th) I met knew people at the RMH this time,made good friends with one of them! Got a lot to do over the next few days, hope to have some fun and go to some museams as well.
 Sorry no pictures of anything right now. I haven't been able to get any 'casue we haven't gone to museams, or parks yet.Oh and I came up to Cleveland Friday evening, and still haven't been to sleep yet.I woke up around 8ish Friday morning,and am still awake.I am not tired, but I know I should try and get some sleep. I'm not going to try and sleep just yet though.It still is WAY to early, even for someone who has gotten no sleep.

Haven't eaten much either today, lot of junk(filler food) just to hold me off for a while, the house did have dinner ready but it was sloppy joe's and pulled pork, and well both of those make my stomach hurt, or give my diarreah, ok like you really wanted to know I had 1 slice of pizza. I've also had some cookies, oh a hot dog, banana TONS of peanut butter, and some pudding.Had some pop, also had a Monster Energy.I also saw Emily's baby she is my new friend(sister) :D her baby's name is Malachi he is so cute! Walked and talked a lot. Hope to really do more tomorrow, oh and was out in the rain this moring at like 3 am

Currently listening to: nothing accept typing of the keys
Watching: nothing but the computer monitor
Eating: nothing
drinking: nothing

ok well I hope I have more to say tomorrow

-Alex(aka PunkeyMonkey529)

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