Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sorry it's been so long,since last post.I've just been so busy I haven't had time to post.
First, I had an AWESOME Christmas! I got some really neat stuff. Some DVD's,2 Snuggies,a external hard drive w/ movies on it...Star Trek doesn't work.But that can be fixed.Some bath stuff,the new Flyleaf cd :D woohoo,adn a subscritption to DeviantArt. I can now really work on my art! :D I'm going to add some new art,but also having to re-add some that I accidentally deleted.I go to the Humane Society,and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary tomorrow.I'm excited about that too!

A new updated pic of my,with face-paint


A side-view of the face-paint

I'm also going to try going Vegan starting the new year,I've tried a few things...and I like it already,but I need a big break from meat,and I'm trying to improve my diet and start to eat healthier.
I'm excited about it though,I guess you could say that's my new years revolution,and hopefully keep it!

I think I'm hanging out with friends for new years eve....I'm excited about that too.I love hanging out with my friends,and this new year will hopefully be better all around.

Merry Christmas everyone,and if I don't get around till posting till after the new year, then Happy New Year to you too.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Nothing much has really happen since I last posted.I filled out more job applications,and am going to turn them in a few weeks. :D I'm happy the holidays are just around the corner.I love the holiday's,Christmas carols are nice to hear,and snow's always nice...yes I still like snow even though I'm almost 21.I just love how it sparkles.
We put up our Christmas tree the other day,out tree is so different and original at the same time..It's a white one with pre-strung lights,well one section of lights is burnt out so we added a set,no bulbs currently,They've went missing over the years,or gotten broken..etc. :( We also decided this year to hang some up outside.We have to rehang some,because some fell down,but everything will be okay once we fix it.

I want to know,what is everyone's favorite Christmas song/carol?
I have a few favorites, "The Christmas Shoes","Christmas Song'- not 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire' here are thy lyrics, this is the only name I know the song by.

A frightened virgin teenage girl
Receives a message that defies the laws of this world
All she can do is weep and nod
She's to bring into this world the Son of God

God's angels sound their trumpets
And blow their horns
Tonight the long awaited savior is to be born
The goodness bound by Satan it has been torn
With this baby's precious brow ready for thorns

A star appears fufilling ancient prophecy
There's an ounce of fear as wise men follow faithfully
The Virgin Mary brings forth the human savior
And this future king sleeps soundly in the manger
Soundly in the manger

God's angels sound their trumpets
And blow their horns
Tonight the long awaited savior is to be born
The goodness bound by Satan it has been torn
With this baby's precious brow ready for thorns

Tonight He is born so one day He can die
To heal hearts that are torn and live the perfect life
So He hang upon a cross and we can take His life
So we can live as sinners
And He can pay the price
Tonight He is born so one day he can die
But He will rise again

God's angels sound their trumpets
And blow their horns
Tonight the long awaited savior is to be born
The goodness bound by Satan it has been torn
With this baby's precious brow ready for thorns

I like more than these two though,I like more popular Christmas songs too.....but I love it when you hear the ones that don't get played as often,they always seem to have the most meaning.

I would also like to ask,what's your favorite Christmas movie?

I like the comedies, "A Christmas Story" is probably my favorite Christmas comedy. I want to see "It's a Wonderful Life" all the way through this year though.Previous years I've only seen bits and pieces of it.

I want to start making cookies, I love the smell of cookies during the holidays, I just need to get the ingredients,and get motivated to cook them. I'm thinking gingerbread. yum! I can smell it already......ok not really,but I think you get the point.

I also have more good news,,.......I drove in the dark,and the rain....and at the same time too.
ok that's all on my mind right now.
please leave any thoughts in the comment section.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving,and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful day,and if you traveled had safe travels. I did a little traveling, I came home from Cleveland,we went to the zoo,and to a Denny's in Medina its a classic 60's style diner.

I would of gotten more pic's but they wouldn't of turned out as good.

Well we didn't go to Denny's first,so I'm kind of doing this backwards....but we still had an awesome adventure.The zoo weather was pretty good,we didn't see any animals being fed,they were having special feeding times,but when we got there it took us forever to get up this hill to try and watch sharks be fed,but it was super crowded there.We didn't bother watching ANY feeding,we roamed around looking at the animals we could find.

                                                                                                    I thought this was a funny photo,I guess it shows how high the walls are, think I can reach it....if only my neck was a little longer.

Haha, I'm sticking my tongue out at you! It was a cold day at the zoo,but at least it wasn't raining,or snowing,but the animals were sure acting that giraffe has a long tongune
      I was going to add another pic,but it didn't,cooperate, being put into my It will probably go on my DeviantArt,and will be able to be viewed there.
I have one more photo to show you. I didn't get very many photo's this time ,but maybe next visit.

Now we have a lovely Polar Bear.This guy at first didn't come out to see anybody,but he eventually came out of hiding,and sat on this rock for us.Isn't that nice of him.

Today being the day after Thanksgiving.I went out on Black Friday! Yup I did....I only went to Wal-Mart.,and didn't get very much,Got home....and well I want to go back out,to go to the library,but mom says no.I don't have my license, just yet... :( I'm working on getting it though. I just have something on hold at the library,and there's suppose to be a movie there someones returning.I just hope I would be there to get it...but I have to wait.I don't think it can be put on hold right now,and I HATE waiting.I'm so far waiting for two or more movies to see from the library the three day movies go fast, you have to be there like that,it's frustrating.I also have my volunteering tomorrow so I wont have a chance to really go to the library tomorrow either.I guess I'll wait till Monday,in hopes I get what I'm looking for.Monday's are always busy.

- Alex

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am thankful for...........

It was a looooooooooong day today.We were at the hospital all day,Seanny had a MRI done it was suppose to be two hours,because it was a full body took.......four hours,almost five!The wait was long and tough,but we made it.We will hopefully have the results very soon.I'm really hoping there good,but you never know.

Had Thanksgiving dinner early. I ate too much!!!
Going to the Cleveland zoo tomorrow. I can't wait!!! I just hope the weather is nice.I had heard snow(Please NO snow!) but haven't been there all year accept for "Boo at the Zoo" and we didn't really get to see any animals. :( but also going to a diner style Denny's I'm so exceited for tomorrow. I am totally getting photo's,and I hope they turn out too.I want to try and see EVERYTHING at the zoo too..

As a small list of thing's I'm thankful for,these might be diferent than what I've posted in other places but oh well!!! with it!!!....

(oh and these are in no particular order)

1. To Write Love On Her Arms Please read the story that started it all! it's underthe tab 'Vision' and it's at the bottom of the page,but please read through all of the site.This organization is great it's a miricle,a Godsend! Thank you Jamie Tworkowski,for helping this get started for starting a MOVEment,but a big thanks also needs to go to Renee Yohe,for sharing her story. Thank You!!!!

I also support, Faceless International,Invisible Children,Love 146,..that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I've found so many organizations that I feel the need and want to support but I can't list them all right now.

ok back to my 'thankful' list

2.I am also thankful for friends,and family

3.I am thankful for the internet

yes I'm putting internet on my list because without it I would not be able to keep in contact with friends and family far away as easy,I would not be able to get news as easy,(no cable) right now,and I would not be able to support the organizations I support.

4.I am thankful for church,also without this life wouldn't be what it is

5. I am thankful for music, has kept me here,it helps me calm down,and it helps me when I'm sad.It's also nice to just have backround sometimes I wish life had backround music(like in the movies)

Currently that is all I have for my list.I don't think I've really put much thought into it.....till I really think about it carefully,but from what I've compiled together withing a short amount of time I say it's pretty good.

Please feel free to comment on anything said in this blog,if you want more info on the organizations,or WHY I support them please ask.I think I am most close in relation to TWLOHA.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Space......the final fronteer

Thought of something today.The only place I can think of that a wedding has NOT been held at yet is space. Right? I think that would be very interesting....would it be possible to start building, buildings in space? Why was I thinking of it as a wedding not being held there yet I don't know...but any,I can just see it now Grand Opening for the first Wal-Mart in space... or something like that,it would be interesting,but I don't think science or life or anything for that matter had advance far enough yet, or maybe I've been watching a little too much Futurama? That's really all for now, till I come up with more crazy stuff, lol


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Traveled the world and back

Guess what everyone!!!! I DROVE today!!! home from the library I did I did...It's about 10 miles. Mom gave me and A- ......I missed the driveway and almost took out a few mail boxes but I did it. I was stopped at the driveway and had my blinker on,and some idiot passes me.

From not on mom say's I will be driving,but if I don't feel completable in town right now then I don't have to with lights and more heavy traffic but other wise I will.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Safe and Sound/Lock and Load

What a day...out for appointements all day,well one part was kinda fun it was B-I-N-G-O...yup not many prizes were there this time,but I got a cool necklace.

It's a door....all I need is a key now. :D

and it opens up to show a heart,it's like the door to my heart I guess.....

I had thought of gluing the door shut,it swings open while wearing it,and I really like how it looks closed.

I also got some earrings from bingo,but I thought the necklace was awesome...I'm keeping my eye out for a key definitely.

I also have been listening to Opera more...Sarah Brightman in particular. Today I went into the library was going in to get rock/metal and came out with more opera....

I'm hoping to get some pictures of some jewelry I've made up soon.I haven't finished one yet and once it's finished I'll post it.I think I ran out of the type of beads I was using though so I have to rethink my plan.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day today!

At the Humane Society I took a few more pictures, I didn't get a lot the animals kept moving today,but I played with them,and spent a little quality time with them.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary,there was a luncheon for the volunteers,I'm one of them.....I got a t-shirt and name tag for my all the help I've been bringing them. I love it there it is sooooo cool.....Today besides the lunch,I filled the hoppers,there like bucket type things that get filled with bird seed in the aviary. the blue-jay Jake was following me around while I was doing that. :D I also fed Athena one of our Barn Owl's,and Cooper our Cooper's Hawk. I watched our Red-Tailed Hawks and one of our Peregrine Falcon's get fed. Our other Peregrine is Legacy.

There is some sad news though...I wasn't there for the bird to arrive,(we also help injured birds) but a vulture came in and it had to be put down... :( I wasn't in the room....I probably would of cried if I was.It's sad when we have to put a bird down,that comes in.The birds that are there permanently are all doing well though.

The Good, the Bad, and the spaces in between

Now we all know yesterday was Friday the 13th,I've NEVER had something bad happen this day....ok I have good news and bad news......but don't worry more good news arises out of the bad news.....but anyways,I'm starting with the good news!!!!

I PASSED my written part of my drivers I just need to get my permit packet. I was also going to get it yesterday,but I needed more paperwork than I had with me.They wanted more proof of residency.I'm so tired of not having the correct paperwork with all this stuff.I guess the important thing is once I get the actual permit pack I can start driving,and will hopefully have my license before too long.Then all I have to worry about is getting a job,car,insurance....etc. I'm actually excited.I'll be able to drive places on my own when we need something,if I feel the need to just to the end of the earth..... see my friends which will really help if were all meeting somewhere for a movie or something.

Are you ready for the bad news?

Ok I was watching a movie,and the power went out,normally it comes back on with no problems,but this time...lights were flickering some things would turn on,and some wouldn't.The phone wouldn't work,because my computer couldn't turn on the internet couldn't.So stuck in the middle of NOWHERE with no form communication,cause the cell phone wouldn't work either, it was malfunctioning.So the one outlet we found that was working....odd I we started testing everything...stereo's,dvd players,x-box,....nothing worked.I freaked thinking ok everything is GONE! Now what? between the power went out and on a little,but about 20 minutes later everything started working again.I was so relived.

What an adventure it was....and today will hopefully be better.

SO far I'm starting my day off my listening to Anberlin,Between the Trees, and Flyleaf.I'm going to make French Toast againg for breakfast...sometimes I'll go through phases where I'll eat the same food,and today I go to the Humane Society to take some pictures for them,currently not sure what SD card I will mainly use...I will hopefully have access to the one there.It makes it easier for them with the pictures,and what I take on mine I'll use for my DeviantArt.
I also go to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary Oh and today is the luncheon for the volunteers.

I will hopefully have more wonderful things to write about this evening.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Driving,Job and Crafts

I have great news....well the start of great news....I'm going to be getting my permit,so I can eventually get my license,hopefully really soon! I haven't been able to take the written test for me permit yet,because yesterday was Veterans day and the testing place was closed,but I can go in tomorrow and try.I hope I pass so I can start driving.
I will be so happy when I get my license,so I can get a car and be able to go places on my own!

I'm also on the search for a job,this is taking some time.I want something that I'm going to be happy enough at where I'm going to want to stay ,and feel more motivated to work,and something that has a decent pay,but at the same time a job's a job,but last job I had I wasn't happy at and it wasn't paying well at all.

In the mean time,I've been wanting to work on some crafts,some are taking off,and some aren't just yet. I want to try knitting,but can only find one needle at the moment.I have scrapbooking supplies,but and waiting to put everything together permanently.I've also been making some jewlery with my mom,that's working out pretty well. I like crafts,I'm still working on my photography,I haven't gotten any hard copies of anything yet,but maybe I will soon.

Going to work on some crafts now-


Sunday, November 8, 2009

A normal Saturday.........for me at least

I thought I would share with you a little of what I do on Saturday's I volunteer at the Humane Society and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, At the Humane Society on Friday's I help with cleaning cages,playing with the animals,whatever needs done in that direction.Saturday I take photo's for them,for the web page and other places that they are needed.I normally try and use the SD card they provide for me, so it can be left there and have the pics there and ready,but this time I used mine ,becasue the other was not available.So I thought I would share a few of the animals I got to play with on Saturday.

I also wanted to share a little of what I do at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.I help feed the birds,these birds of prey and song birds that we work with. I help feed them,clean there cages.It's really fun!

an American Kestrel

Anyone hungry...dinner's ready...ok just kidding its for the birds.

more food...this on is also on my DeviantArt, if anyone is interested.

more food...I will have more pictures of the birds next time...I write about them that is..

I like volunteering at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary more, I feel because you can really get to know the birds, there not going anywhere...unless we get one that comes in and we fix it up and release it...but the ones in cages that I help with aren't most of the birds there cannot survive on there own in the wild,for some reason or another. They are beautiful creatures.

That is a basic day for my Saturday,the rest of the weekend is pretty normal.
If you have any questions,please leave in comments and I will answer the best I can.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

The First Snow...

Ohio's first snow of the year,at least in the part of the state I live in.Nothing stuck,but it was kinda cool just too watch the snow fall.....I'm ready for snow,but at the same time I'm not.

I just thought I would share the weather,of course in Ohio,you can drive through a town and sometimes get all for seasons...(don't blink),you just might miss something.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Backtrack to Halloween

I'm going to backtrack to Halloween, I had a great Halloween!! At midnight I went with my friends to see Rocky Horror Picture Show.Starting in December they are showing it every month till about April.I'm hoping they continue after that though.My friends and I dressed up,but wasn't sure if the theater was going to allow props,but we found out we are,cause we got stuff thrown at I had a total blast!! Got home from the movie at about 2amis...Didn't sleep much at all...but I was fine,I always tell people I can sleep when I'm old, Or Well I also went to see Where the Wild Things Are later that day, my dad took me and my brothers.I thought it was an ok movie,it wasn't the best but it was a pretty good adaptation or a book that was only like 12 lines long.

Getting ready before the movie.I'm suppose to be Magenta,...I at least dressed up that's all I'm happy about!I'm not dying my hair next time though it,the dye didn't wash out all the day and got on stuff afterwords.

One of my friends at Rocky Horror Picture Show

I have more photos of that night,but they are on my facebook,if you are interested in seeing them all, I don't find it terribly necessary to post them all at the moment,'cause if I'm going to be going to this every month most likely new pic's will follow.

That's really all the backtracking that needs to be done at the moment,next thing I think to look forward to is Thanksgiving.

Just a little Intro

Hello Blogger community!!!

This is my first time on Blogger, I do have a LiveJournal...I just needed a new look,more customization,and maybe a new outlook...possiblely new readers(people will actually read my blog now??) I'm hoping...

As an introduction,
My name is Alexandra(Alex) Conrad
I am 20yrs old...I will be 21 Feb.11th......
I LOVE animals....especially birds.
I love fantasy
I am Mormon
I like anime
I like to watch movies...fav. genre changes a lot..main(horror,fantasy,musical) the moment
I support non-profit organizations

That's a start,as an introduction to me.

So far as I've looked at Blogger...I like it more...I've been able to customize more,and it's a little more easier to navigate...

That's all for now