Monday, July 30, 2012

The Quiet Life album review

so i pre-ordered The Quiet Life from Anchor & Braille (side-project of Stephen Christian, frontman for Anberlin.) i absolutely LOVE this album. At fist listen it's such sweet sound to my ears. i will definitively be able to fall asleep to this.... That's a good thing by the way! it's like a child's lullaby. Right now my favorite song is 'Hymn for Her' but that might change overtime. i framed the signed album flat that came with it.. haven't hung it yet though... lol i haven't even got my T.A.R.D.I.S. shelf hung up... i stink at hanging stuff

i love how Stephen has such a wide vocal range. between Anberlin's harder rock sound with some ballads..which i love by the way. to Anchor and Braille's more acoustic, soft fallseto sounds theirs really a song for everyone mixed between both bands. The Quiet Life is so peaceful i'm rambling a bit because words can't fully describe this album. but i know for sure i will be pre-ordering Anberlin's new album which i think is due out this fall...i hope. on a note for another band i will also be pre-ordering the new Flyleaf cd as well. sorry i just had to add that in there. As the first listen to The Quiet Life comes to a close i will close this blog post as well. i know my review isn't that detailed right now, but i just wanted to write something on how sweet this sound is. if you like Anberlin and haven't given Anchor and Braille a listen please do you wont regret it.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Thank you Harry

Dear Harry Potter,

   I want to say thank you! Thank you for the years of friendship,memories, and all the fun times together. You have truly been a great friend to me. I remember when we met, we were both about the same age, and trying to figure out who we are and where to be. We had so many questions and not enough answers. When we met I felt an instant connection with you. I knew we would be instant friends. 
 We've come a long way in all these years. You've taught me so much, much more than anyone else could have ever done, and you've always been there for me. You've been there for all of us. When I say us I mean everyone who has ever met you. I know you've touch a lot of people, and have always been there for everyone, and I know we have always been there for you. We were also there for Ron, Hermione, Neville, and everyone else. We are truly a family. Even though your stories have ended, our friendship will never end. I know I will always be there for you, and you always for me. 
 Again thank you for all the wonderful times we've had together, and for being one of the best friends I've ever had
Forever friends,

Sunday, May 29, 2011

how does nf1 affect you?

the way nf effects me is i am blind in my right eye to an optic nerve glioma. i also have some cafe-au-lait spots and some neurofibromas which are bumps on the skin. i also had learning disablilities throught school. that is mainly how its effeced me. but it effects each idividual differently. you can learn more about nf at i am in the process of writing a book about mine and my families story thourhg life,nf, and such. im not gonna say keep an eye out for it soon, cause im no where near finished but will post around when its ready. :D

Ask me Something.....please

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Days like this

you know how somedays you just love, others you hate, and some you're just not sure, well this was a great wonderful day today. let me tell you a little about it. so it started out as a kind of a bad day.....well at least for mom found out her internet card is out or something. :( we call the tech lines and they sorta give us a solution.we get ready to leave cause i needed to do some job hunting, and go to the library. we start walking and im going around into places asking if anyones hiring or taking apps no one is. i also take about the first 20 minutes or so and go barefoot for TOMS shoes for the no shoes day, well its ohio so its freezing and mom doesnt want me catching a cold, and frankly i dont either. also people say its illegal to go places barefoot, well whoever said that is wrong, i looked it up it is perfectly legal to walk and go places barefoot even in restraunts. but i put my shoes on and we walk to find more apps, no ones taking any or i have to apply online, one place i did leave my name and email, but it forgot the phone number to our house since i havent memorized it yet, so i wrote down my email. once outside some dude comes up to us and asks us if we do drugs. lol uhh no it was funny and awkward. we continue on and go to the library. stay there for a while i get some books and movies. and we leave walk around a little and decide to go to walmart. we almost wernt gonna go but we decided to, and its a good thing too. we shopped a little, went to the dollar store and its about games, got a sub at subway and went to wait for the bus home. well while waiting we met Mike Tyson.

 No no not THE Mike Tyson, Mike and Tyson, father and son. Tyson, Mikes son is blind and Mike said he needed to be somewhere by 7 time was close but he said he'd make it, but was wondering if we could take Tyson to coney island to wait, we did and he got us a snack.. lol i typed snake at first. we then siad goodbye and see ya soon, and walked home.

what a day. it was awesome. oh and the whole day we gave ourselves nicknames. it started when moms chair fell out of the house and it started snowing, she was like huston we have a problem. i was like oh no major tom what is it. so thats what it became. well i added ground control to mine but mom was major tom, i was houston/ground control. a little david bowie anyone?

i am tired now and gonna relax watch a movie and read some since i have 3 books which are 14 day books, hopefully i can renew them cause not quite sure if im gonna finish them or not  ill find out.
tell me what you think about this awesome day!

 - alex