Friday, July 30, 2010

Que Sera Sera

 First I know some have already read this through my tumblr blog, but I felt the need to post this on blogger as well, i don't update blogger as much as i think i should so its being updated now, and for long posts i just have to remember to update here and save small posts for tumblr.

anyways on to the reason of this post

Just watched the pilot to ‘Dead like Me’ and also a movie called ‘Mary and Max’ first both at the end of them had the song Que Sera Sera (spelling might be off but oh well) Mary and Max was a good little movie, but it really had emotions all around, it was happy, then it was sad, then you were angry, in the end i cried a little, I don’t want to spoil the ending but the basis of the movie is this little girl (mary) from australia writes a man (max) in new york, he is older and has some mental problems( i’ll let you watch to find out for yourself) but they go through trials of happiness sadness anger forgivness, and more. It is a touching little film, one im not sure if i would be able to watch again though, but it did get me thinking, maybe do what mary did… open a international phone book, pick a random person and write to them and see what the outcome is?
if you’ve seen this lovely little film what’s your optinion?

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