Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's happen over the past few weeks

I had an awesome birthday on the 11th.....didn't really do anything different from what I do everyday,but I got a laptop computer for my birthday !

I went to Rocky Horror Picture Show again a couple days ago....so far only 2 more dates are set up..hopefully the theatre sets more! Sorry no pictures this time..none came out right.

oh mom sold the car....so its hard to get around and out places.but it hopefully will give us more income.

oh also after not having tv for about 2 years..we finally got it again.Which makes me happy,I've caught up on a few shows....not LOST though.I've sadly decided to skip that..I have way too much that I missed to catch up on.When it returns I'm going to watch Glee and see what all the hype about it is....people say its a really good show,so I'm going to see for myself! :P

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