Monday, September 27, 2010

Save Blue Like Jazz

I remember a while back I posted about a movie coming out based on a book called 'Blue Like Jazz' by Donald Miller. Well about a week ago Don. posted on his blog that the movie would be put on hold or not made at all I was bummed about it but kinda got over it. Well today I happen to have a conversation with someone on the bus today about Donald Miller and 'Blue Like Jazz' She said something like I'm reading this Christian book that's being made into a movie and I stumbled over my words a little bit before even mentioning 'Blue Like Jazz' but yes we were thinking of the same title. Telling her I read on Don's blog about production being off we got on the subject of Don's other books and Anne Lamott and other authors as well. Well we tell eachother names and go out separate ways, might run into each other again and talk more. Well I come home today, blog lol second blog post of the day this is very unusual. well anyway I talk to people,check emails, find out I'm going to MA again ( where I was born and such). Going off topic for a bit, but while I'm there I'm going to spend time in town (walking!) taking pictures of everything!!! like literally everything 'cause I remember most of the town's layout even though I haven't been there i a while and didn't really grow up there but its still there ( map still needed lol) but besides pictures and parks and such, I'm actually going to get job applications and apply at places out there and might move back there and try it 'cause there might be more opportunity out there for me. I will be blogging with pictures while I'm there I just have to find a bag to carry my laptop in and possibly my hard-drive as well, but I'll get more on the subject of my trip later.

Now back to where I was......well after email's,and cleaning and such I'm on facebook and I see a post from Donald Miller that the movie might be back on if enough money can be earned. I cannot donate any money as for I am broke right now accept for some left over money my dad gave me from when he went away on business, but I'm saving that for my trip....shhhh don't mention anything. lol ..ok seriously. well some of it might be mine i had hidden idk cause i found it in my makeup bag. lol so it must of been mine from a LONG time ago. well anyway I'm at least passing the word along and all this other awesome news.
 Well here's a link to Donald Miller's blog for those interested,
and the link to the site for Blue Like Jazz

Enjoy! again comments,complaints,questions,suggestions are always welcome and appreciated



Missing persons its always been a mystery on why people are kidnapped or why they choose to disappear on there own, Christopher McCandless for example. He choose to abandon all civilized life and live off the land, but what about those kidnapped? They don't have a choice and some cases seem to be taken more seriously than others, and some just seem to be brushed aside it seems why aren't they as important as the ones making nationwide news? Or are they and were just not noticing it?

What really got me thinking about this is a story that was on my Google home page, a news article from CNN. Her case is still open and there still looking, which I am very glad for, but with all the missing people in the world, how many of them CHOSE to disappear, and which ones were taken against there will? Why do people take people, and why murder some. How do some escape, or why do some captures release there victims? It's all a mystery to me.

I think that there is a huge possibility that Kimberly Norwood is still alive Its just the fact of finding her. Does she want to be found, but she was 12 when she disappeared, yes possible runaway, but just after reading this article even after a small fuss over the phone I don't think so, and for 21 years too?

Even though I think Kimberly is still alive this crossed my mind when I first opened the article.I am now reading 'The Lovely Bones' like in my previous post I watched the movie well now reading the book, After opening this article I thought hey that girl looks like Susie Salmon.Don't you think?

Kimberly Norwood

Susie Salmon

Well after all my talk on this subject right now what are your thoughts on it? Please any comments are welcome I really would like to get my blog out there more and more people reading it. I'm trying to do more reviews and thoughts on little things in the news that do interest me, the things that don't get noticed and what not. NOT all the this celebrities in jail he did/she did blah blah blah crap. Im putting my thoughts out there on the news most people probably ignore and I hope you like it. Feel free to comment on ideas that you would like me to post my thoughts on as well. Since I'm trying to make my blog different than all the other blogs out there.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Lovely Bones (review) and a little bit more

Just watched the movie The Lovely Bones  I really liked it. 

Susie Salmon ( yes like the fish) was murdered. This is the story of her life, not really the story of her life here on earth, but about her life after she died. 

I don't really want to tell anymore of what happen in risk of spoiling anything. 

I am definitely going to be reading this book, I need to catch up on my reading. I was doing well for about a week or so and have slipped a little with reading, I think it's cause some of the books on my list to read haven't been catching my attention right now. I think I might return them to the library and try them at another time, and try others on my list. Who knows the books that I can't get into now that I've currently started I might be able to finish later.

I highly recommend this movie though. At times I did find myself gripping my skin in wonder and hope that the things I wanted to happen would happen. There is no blood, and not much suspense but I still felt that way. Maybe I was trying to connect with Susie? I think the acting was really good in this movie as well. A lot of vivid colors used, I love it when colors are used. They can mean a lot in a movie. In Suspiria an Italian horror film from director Dario Argento. Even though Suspiria is a horror film there's not a lot of blood ( there is some though) but most of the movie colors are used to express he mood. I know its not the same color effects as in The Lovely Bones  but the brightness in the afterlife scenes were nice. 

Have you scene this movie? If so please tell me what you think. Oh you cal tell me what you think of Suspiria if  you've seen that as well. any comments will be appreciated.


- alex

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