Monday, July 30, 2012

The Quiet Life album review

so i pre-ordered The Quiet Life from Anchor & Braille (side-project of Stephen Christian, frontman for Anberlin.) i absolutely LOVE this album. At fist listen it's such sweet sound to my ears. i will definitively be able to fall asleep to this.... That's a good thing by the way! it's like a child's lullaby. Right now my favorite song is 'Hymn for Her' but that might change overtime. i framed the signed album flat that came with it.. haven't hung it yet though... lol i haven't even got my T.A.R.D.I.S. shelf hung up... i stink at hanging stuff

i love how Stephen has such a wide vocal range. between Anberlin's harder rock sound with some ballads..which i love by the way. to Anchor and Braille's more acoustic, soft fallseto sounds theirs really a song for everyone mixed between both bands. The Quiet Life is so peaceful i'm rambling a bit because words can't fully describe this album. but i know for sure i will be pre-ordering Anberlin's new album which i think is due out this fall...i hope. on a note for another band i will also be pre-ordering the new Flyleaf cd as well. sorry i just had to add that in there. As the first listen to The Quiet Life comes to a close i will close this blog post as well. i know my review isn't that detailed right now, but i just wanted to write something on how sweet this sound is. if you like Anberlin and haven't given Anchor and Braille a listen please do you wont regret it.