Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review for 'The Gargoyle Prophecies Part. 1 The Savior Rises'

This is my review for ''The Gargoyle Prophecies Part. 1 The Savior Rises' By. Christopher C. Payne"

Move over vampires,goblins,and lycans there's a new creature in town and it's known as the gargoyle. This book was awesome! I loved it so much I finished it in a day! It starts of at such a fast pace, and doesn't stop. I loved how every page was filled with action and adventure. You totally don't know what way to turn, or what is going to happen next. I can tell you now you will not regret reading this. From the minute you turn that last page you will be screaming for more.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

East Coast Trip

So I went to New England last week. I had a pretty good time I saw family, didn't get to see the friends I had when I lived there though,but still had a good time.

My cousin Alana and I ( I'm in the red)
My cousin Alana and I.

I spend nights at my grandparents house and went to see family the first day, my uncle Bruce and his family I saw once.

    They also sometimes called Eddie by his native name which I am not sure how to spell it and I'm not going to attempt to do so.
This is my cousin Edward, Eddie as he's called.
I have another cousin from this part of the family say hello to Carolyn or Carol Lynn. I'm not sure which spelling or way they word her name I like the Carol Lynn spelling better, here she is....

 Carol Lynn

On this side of the family I didn't really get a chance to get good pic's of my aunt and uncle, but on the same day we saw my other cousins, and aunt and uncle, I got loads of pics there.

My cousin Alana shown in the very first picture wanted to take a lot of video's and pictures, and like always didn't want me to leave. she's a cool little cousin. My cousin Cameron always seems to have a goofy grin on his face.
Here's a picture of my auntie Jean and one of there dogs Pickle
auntie Jean and Pickle 

Cammy being silly

I know the picture set up is a little odd,but I have space for text and it wont always let me put the text were I want in relation to the pictures, so sorry if this is a hard entry to read. I'm trying to cover a week in one blog post.
We now have my uncle Paul,and the other two dogs Rocco and Lily, Lily likes to lick a lot
uncle Paul

Also got a chance to go to Boston, but didn't really see anything it was just a drive through,and also went to Hull and saw some ruins. I wont put the pic's in this post it's already long as it is, but I'm still working on putting them up on my Deviantart but there all up on my Facebook and all the video's I took, or my cousin Alana took are on my youtube channel.
oh and here's pictures of my grandparents, I guess we can't forget them

I think that about covers it for family wise, there were a lot of laughs along the trip but covering them all would take a long time,but if you ask I might share some. well thats all for now.