Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have a little Heart

The other day was a huge adventure! I'm sorry I don't have pictures,I accidentally left my camera at home,but here's the story anyways.

It was needed/wanted to go into town kind of day,and without a car whats a way of transportation? walk. That's exactly what mom and I did.Sure living on a semi busy road.( pun intended,and not) depends on how you look at it. Okay so we bundle up because it's suppose to rain,and might be cold,and were off. Mom starts sticking out the hitchhickers thumb.No ones stops,well not yet at least.About two miles down the road,someone does.It happens to be my friends dad,I hadn't recognized him at first.He drops us of at our first destination the library.Were there for about 45 min,I think. Then we walk to the gas station, for lunch, we eat and relax outside the gas station for a while.The walk to wal-mart was pretty good.So were shopping in wal-mart,well getting as little as possible,so we can carry it all home.(we still ended up getting to much anyway).We decide to stop at the local game store,I buy all my games,and a lot of my movies there.That visit there happen to be two pokemon games I was looking for,but about 20 minutes before hand he got those games, lol
We start the long walk home.We get to another gas station,about 3 miles (I think) down the road,but along that walk, mom fell out of her chair,it had been a red light, and no one asked if we were okay! It really annoys me that people are in such a hurry these days,so self-absorbed and shit.We made it through though, mom did a really good job in not breaking down at all and giving up and crying.Another thing that happen before we reached the gas station is, we saw a church marquee, it said "what on earth are you doing,for heavens sake?" We laughed so hard, and yes we did wonder, what on earth where we doing?
 So now lets jump to us at the gas station, because not much happen till then.Sitting outside the gas station on the ground,mom went inside to get more plastic bags.We asked a few people there what way they were going,and what did we get more stares,and people saying no!We start the walk home,and a little ways down the road, someone stops to help, and guess who it was?.......yes my friends dad again timing was with us that day, he stopped and helped again,and brought us the rest of the way home.

It was really an adventure,I think it really opened my mind a little more,I'm not really sure how it did yet,and maybe I'm not suppose to know yet. 

Maybe this will show other people as well, to pay attention to the little things more.

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