Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Catching up!

Ok it's been a while,.....but here's an update of everything that's been happening

Went to Rocky Horror Show again I've been going every month


ok well the bottom one is me,the others are friends,the group photo is some friends and some other random people we saw at RHPS, theres more photos and if you would like to see them just visit my facebook.

Oh and an exciting event tomorrow, It's my birthday!!!! I turn 21 ...yea I'm sorta snowed in though....snow,snow and more snow.....its crazy....I'm hanging out with friends Friday though...totally awesome!!!!!! oh I'm typing this entry on my new laptop I got for my birthday! and I'm watching Man vs. Food..... we haven't had tv in 2 yrs. :D

When I hang out with my friends Friday, I will hopefully also have some pictures.... of randomness.. hahaha

Well that's all really for now! I'll have another update on how my actual birthday "day" went! hehehe 

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