Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yesterday, today, and more books

I went to a Vietnamese restaurant  yesterday, it was really good, I had a soup with meat ball bits, and a broth it was good!! It was a restaurant call Saigon,I went with someone I met at the Ronald McDonald house in Cleveland. This restaurant is near the House of Blues, Flyleaf was playing there the day we went. I really would of loved to see them, and tonight Metric is playing. Would love to see them too but also unfortunately can't.

Today I so far have went to the Botanical Gardens in Cleveland, not to see the gardens though, just to look at the gift shop.It still was a nice walk with my friend.

I also went to the art museum, and history today! At the art museum I saw some pretty famous art. the one of Marilyn Monroe the Andy Warhol did, also some famous Monet.

  Also went to the history museum, saw some animals there, and was going to watch a show, and try and see Saturn as well, but decided to go back to the house, and skip all that.

I'm bored now, and I want to go home, and watch the movies, and read the books I got from the library.I still have to finish 'Dewey'

This book is so cool! I wish my library had a cat, I know the cat in this book was there for a reason, and because it didn't have a home, other than the library, but it's still awesome. I'll probably finish it before we get home, or soon after I get home. I just have A LOT of reading to do when I get home, and A LOT of movie watching.

Yesterday I also met someone else new!!! We watched two movies together, we watched Jumanji, and Rock-a-Doodle, if you don't know what Rock-a-Doodle is watch it, it's an awesome kids movie I grew up on!!! and I'm sure you've all heard of Jumanji with Robin Williams, I think tonight if I can find them at the house I'm gonna watch Ghostbusters 1&2 wont have anyone to watch them with though, unless I meet someone else to watch with.

Well you've probably had enough of me for the day, I've been trying to do at least one blog post a day, or every other day at least.

- Alex

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