Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a Wonderful World it Would be.

It has been a wonderful year,so far I have been inspired by so many people throughout the past few years.So much has happen,some for the good,some for the bad,but things always come out alright in the end.
My dog has been sick,and we thought we were going to have to put him down,because we didn't know exactly what was wrong with him,accept him having blood in his urine.So we took him to the vet(damn the vet is expensive) but good news,all he has is a urinary track infection.We thought he had stones or something more serious.We are happy to hear he is okay.

We are in need of an oven BADly, our current oven is a fire hazard,and is unusable,the stove is fine,but I can't make bread or a pie now. :( With trying to think positively in mind.I know a oven will be provided to us in time. We had found an oven,but the person we contacted hasn't emailed back.

I am getting a pot bellied pig next week,and mom and I have wanted one for a while,the person we are getting it from was asking $100,but called and asked more info about it,and explained out budget issue,she said how much can you afford,she is accepting $25 and including all its supplies.It really is a great example of how kind people can be.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not much happening this year.

I haven't been blogging 'cause not much exciting has really happen this year so seems.I am being more active on Socialvibe more and also on Fancorps, I'm on to many street teams to list a link.There's more prizes up now,and more orders, or activities.So that helps keep me it's also for a good cause.(I think that's the most important thing) but intensives are nice.Hopefully on my TWLOHA fancorps I get all the points,I still have some orders I'm working on,but I've been working really hard on that team.There's a few orders which I'm not sure if I'm going to complete on time,but I'll try my hardest.Not all the orders have a due date.Socialvibe none have a due date.I just want to get a higher level and know what the secret prize is once I hit a certain level.More points for TWLOHA coming your way!

ok that's all I really wanted to blog about right now.

currently listening to: Cheri Magill(my cousin) Between the Trees , and Flyleaf
mood: happy

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello 2010 ,

I sure hope you hold great things this year,2009 was sorta lame.Bring more happiness,and fun,bring out adventure!

I'm sure this new year will hold something good,and fun.I'm hoping to get my license,get a better camera..... get a job,get into school.I would also love to go on some ghost hunts.That's been on my mind the past few friends and I want to go ghost hunting,and I think it would also brings some good deviants for dA. I would also like another camera.One other thing I'm hoping to accomplish this year,is to try and eat healthier.I'm going to try vegetarianism a little.Maybe I'll stick with it?Maybe I'll be able to connect with people I haven't talked to in a while,meet some new people...etc.
Oh another big thing that's happening to me in 2010, I turn 21! woohoo

So whatever this year has to hold, I sure hope is better than last year!