Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gates of Hell

By the title your probably wondering what in the world? Am I right? Well let me explain, these places called the 'gates of hell' are supposedly all over the world, but I'm not 100% positive, I knew of one in Columbus,OH it is also known as the Blood Bowl, 'cause I guess some kid died there once while skateboarding. There is a lot of graffiti art there,When I went I didn't go in as deep as  would of liked, but some day maybe I'll be able to go deeper. I'm not going to give anymore deep history on the gates, 'cause my info might be wrong. I will however share some pictures with you. First I want to show you what we,( my friends and I found, no I know there all over the place, but we didn't think about it till this point.) 

What is this you ask? Well it's where the sidewalk ends of course.

Now we enter the Gates of Hell
This is the front entrance to the Gates of Hell, looks like once you enter you don't come out. Be ready to enter Hell!

This is inside the tunnel looking out, yes it is VERY dark inside, if you go here, you WILL NEED a FLASHLIGHT, oh and I recommend boots, my friends and I didn't have boots on, but next time I go I am wearing boots so I can go deeper there is a lot of water, and please be careful, there is a little bit of walking before getting to the tunnel itself.
Now we move on to some of the art.

 I am not sure who this man is suppose to be, I've seen other pictures on the web, that with the other surrounding pieces of art, I have confirmed that this is the same man I have seen, the paint just looks like it has been retouch up since the one's I've seen online. When I go deeper into the tunnel next time I will hopefully find more!

Some of the art is really detailed take a look at this one
and see for yourself.

I was not able to get the whole picture in the shot, it is very though to get pictures in the tunnel, very claustrophobic inside, but it's totally worth it.

That is all the pictures I am going to post in the blog if you want to see the rest, or see more please visit my Facebook or my deviantArt


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