Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the spaces in between

Now we all know yesterday was Friday the 13th,I've NEVER had something bad happen this day....ok I have good news and bad news......but don't worry more good news arises out of the bad news.....but anyways,I'm starting with the good news!!!!

I PASSED my written part of my drivers I just need to get my permit packet. I was also going to get it yesterday,but I needed more paperwork than I had with me.They wanted more proof of residency.I'm so tired of not having the correct paperwork with all this stuff.I guess the important thing is once I get the actual permit pack I can start driving,and will hopefully have my license before too long.Then all I have to worry about is getting a job,car,insurance....etc. I'm actually excited.I'll be able to drive places on my own when we need something,if I feel the need to just to the end of the earth..... see my friends which will really help if were all meeting somewhere for a movie or something.

Are you ready for the bad news?

Ok I was watching a movie,and the power went out,normally it comes back on with no problems,but this time...lights were flickering some things would turn on,and some wouldn't.The phone wouldn't work,because my computer couldn't turn on the internet couldn't.So stuck in the middle of NOWHERE with no form communication,cause the cell phone wouldn't work either, it was malfunctioning.So the one outlet we found that was working....odd I we started testing everything...stereo's,dvd players,x-box,....nothing worked.I freaked thinking ok everything is GONE! Now what? between the power went out and on a little,but about 20 minutes later everything started working again.I was so relived.

What an adventure it was....and today will hopefully be better.

SO far I'm starting my day off my listening to Anberlin,Between the Trees, and Flyleaf.I'm going to make French Toast againg for breakfast...sometimes I'll go through phases where I'll eat the same food,and today I go to the Humane Society to take some pictures for them,currently not sure what SD card I will mainly use...I will hopefully have access to the one there.It makes it easier for them with the pictures,and what I take on mine I'll use for my DeviantArt.
I also go to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary Oh and today is the luncheon for the volunteers.

I will hopefully have more wonderful things to write about this evening.


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  1. Congrats on passing the test Alex! Way to go! That's super exciting. It's really cool that you volunteer at the humane society. Also, you'll have to post some of the jewelry you and your mom are making. I'd love to see it.