Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am thankful for...........

It was a looooooooooong day today.We were at the hospital all day,Seanny had a MRI done it was suppose to be two hours,because it was a full body took.......four hours,almost five!The wait was long and tough,but we made it.We will hopefully have the results very soon.I'm really hoping there good,but you never know.

Had Thanksgiving dinner early. I ate too much!!!
Going to the Cleveland zoo tomorrow. I can't wait!!! I just hope the weather is nice.I had heard snow(Please NO snow!) but haven't been there all year accept for "Boo at the Zoo" and we didn't really get to see any animals. :( but also going to a diner style Denny's I'm so exceited for tomorrow. I am totally getting photo's,and I hope they turn out too.I want to try and see EVERYTHING at the zoo too..

As a small list of thing's I'm thankful for,these might be diferent than what I've posted in other places but oh well!!! with it!!!....

(oh and these are in no particular order)

1. To Write Love On Her Arms Please read the story that started it all! it's underthe tab 'Vision' and it's at the bottom of the page,but please read through all of the site.This organization is great it's a miricle,a Godsend! Thank you Jamie Tworkowski,for helping this get started for starting a MOVEment,but a big thanks also needs to go to Renee Yohe,for sharing her story. Thank You!!!!

I also support, Faceless International,Invisible Children,Love 146,..that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I've found so many organizations that I feel the need and want to support but I can't list them all right now.

ok back to my 'thankful' list

2.I am also thankful for friends,and family

3.I am thankful for the internet

yes I'm putting internet on my list because without it I would not be able to keep in contact with friends and family far away as easy,I would not be able to get news as easy,(no cable) right now,and I would not be able to support the organizations I support.

4.I am thankful for church,also without this life wouldn't be what it is

5. I am thankful for music, has kept me here,it helps me calm down,and it helps me when I'm sad.It's also nice to just have backround sometimes I wish life had backround music(like in the movies)

Currently that is all I have for my list.I don't think I've really put much thought into it.....till I really think about it carefully,but from what I've compiled together withing a short amount of time I say it's pretty good.

Please feel free to comment on anything said in this blog,if you want more info on the organizations,or WHY I support them please ask.I think I am most close in relation to TWLOHA.



  1. Great list, Alex! Those are all things I'm really grateful for, too. Looks like you are keeping busy. Hope you have fun at the zoo and I LOVE that door necklace. Really pretty.

  2. Thank you! The updates of the zoo and everything else are in the next post.I will continue to post. I try and keep busy. lol