Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wonderful Day

What a wonderful day today!

At the Humane Society I took a few more pictures, I didn't get a lot the animals kept moving today,but I played with them,and spent a little quality time with them.

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary,there was a luncheon for the volunteers,I'm one of them.....I got a t-shirt and name tag for my all the help I've been bringing them. I love it there it is sooooo cool.....Today besides the lunch,I filled the hoppers,there like bucket type things that get filled with bird seed in the aviary. the blue-jay Jake was following me around while I was doing that. :D I also fed Athena one of our Barn Owl's,and Cooper our Cooper's Hawk. I watched our Red-Tailed Hawks and one of our Peregrine Falcon's get fed. Our other Peregrine is Legacy.

There is some sad news though...I wasn't there for the bird to arrive,(we also help injured birds) but a vulture came in and it had to be put down... :( I wasn't in the room....I probably would of cried if I was.It's sad when we have to put a bird down,that comes in.The birds that are there permanently are all doing well though.

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