Thursday, November 12, 2009

Driving,Job and Crafts

I have great news....well the start of great news....I'm going to be getting my permit,so I can eventually get my license,hopefully really soon! I haven't been able to take the written test for me permit yet,because yesterday was Veterans day and the testing place was closed,but I can go in tomorrow and try.I hope I pass so I can start driving.
I will be so happy when I get my license,so I can get a car and be able to go places on my own!

I'm also on the search for a job,this is taking some time.I want something that I'm going to be happy enough at where I'm going to want to stay ,and feel more motivated to work,and something that has a decent pay,but at the same time a job's a job,but last job I had I wasn't happy at and it wasn't paying well at all.

In the mean time,I've been wanting to work on some crafts,some are taking off,and some aren't just yet. I want to try knitting,but can only find one needle at the moment.I have scrapbooking supplies,but and waiting to put everything together permanently.I've also been making some jewlery with my mom,that's working out pretty well. I like crafts,I'm still working on my photography,I haven't gotten any hard copies of anything yet,but maybe I will soon.

Going to work on some crafts now-


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