Sunday, November 8, 2009

A normal Saturday.........for me at least

I thought I would share with you a little of what I do on Saturday's I volunteer at the Humane Society and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary, At the Humane Society on Friday's I help with cleaning cages,playing with the animals,whatever needs done in that direction.Saturday I take photo's for them,for the web page and other places that they are needed.I normally try and use the SD card they provide for me, so it can be left there and have the pics there and ready,but this time I used mine ,becasue the other was not available.So I thought I would share a few of the animals I got to play with on Saturday.

I also wanted to share a little of what I do at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary.I help feed the birds,these birds of prey and song birds that we work with. I help feed them,clean there cages.It's really fun!

an American Kestrel

Anyone hungry...dinner's ready...ok just kidding its for the birds.

more food...this on is also on my DeviantArt, if anyone is interested.

more food...I will have more pictures of the birds next time...I write about them that is..

I like volunteering at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary more, I feel because you can really get to know the birds, there not going anywhere...unless we get one that comes in and we fix it up and release it...but the ones in cages that I help with aren't most of the birds there cannot survive on there own in the wild,for some reason or another. They are beautiful creatures.

That is a basic day for my Saturday,the rest of the weekend is pretty normal.
If you have any questions,please leave in comments and I will answer the best I can.


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