Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a little Intro

Hello Blogger community!!!

This is my first time on Blogger, I do have a LiveJournal...I just needed a new look,more customization,and maybe a new outlook...possiblely new readers(people will actually read my blog now??) I'm hoping...

As an introduction,
My name is Alexandra(Alex) Conrad
I am 20yrs old...I will be 21 Feb.11th......
I LOVE animals....especially birds.
I love fantasy
I am Mormon
I like anime
I like to watch movies...fav. genre changes a lot..main(horror,fantasy,musical)....at the moment
I support non-profit organizations

That's a start,as an introduction to me.

So far as I've looked at Blogger...I like it more...I've been able to customize more,and it's a little more easier to navigate...

That's all for now

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