Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Backtrack to Halloween

I'm going to backtrack to Halloween, I had a great Halloween!! At midnight I went with my friends to see Rocky Horror Picture Show.Starting in December they are showing it every month till about April.I'm hoping they continue after that though.My friends and I dressed up,but wasn't sure if the theater was going to allow props,but we found out we are,cause we got stuff thrown at us...lol. I had a total blast!! Got home from the movie at about 2amis...Didn't sleep much at all...but I was fine,I always tell people I can sleep when I'm old, Or dead...lol... Well I also went to see Where the Wild Things Are later that day, my dad took me and my brothers.I thought it was an ok movie,it wasn't the best but it was a pretty good adaptation or a book that was only like 12 lines long.

Getting ready before the movie.I'm suppose to be Magenta,...I at least dressed up that's all I'm happy about!I'm not dying my hair next time though it,the dye didn't wash out all the day and got on stuff afterwords.

One of my friends at Rocky Horror Picture Show

I have more photos of that night,but they are on my facebook,if you are interested in seeing them all, I don't find it terribly necessary to post them all at the moment,'cause if I'm going to be going to this every month most likely new pic's will follow.

That's really all the backtracking that needs to be done at the moment,next thing I think to look forward to is Thanksgiving.

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