Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving,and Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful day,and if you traveled had safe travels. I did a little traveling, I came home from Cleveland,we went to the zoo,and to a Denny's in Medina its a classic 60's style diner.

I would of gotten more pic's but they wouldn't of turned out as good.

Well we didn't go to Denny's first,so I'm kind of doing this backwards....but we still had an awesome adventure.The zoo weather was pretty good,we didn't see any animals being fed,they were having special feeding times,but when we got there it took us forever to get up this hill to try and watch sharks be fed,but it was super crowded there.We didn't bother watching ANY feeding,we roamed around looking at the animals we could find.

                                                                                                    I thought this was a funny photo,I guess it shows how high the walls are, think I can reach it....if only my neck was a little longer.

Haha, I'm sticking my tongue out at you! It was a cold day at the zoo,but at least it wasn't raining,or snowing,but the animals were sure acting that giraffe has a long tongune
      I was going to add another pic,but it didn't,cooperate, being put into my It will probably go on my DeviantArt,and will be able to be viewed there.
I have one more photo to show you. I didn't get very many photo's this time ,but maybe next visit.

Now we have a lovely Polar Bear.This guy at first didn't come out to see anybody,but he eventually came out of hiding,and sat on this rock for us.Isn't that nice of him.

Today being the day after Thanksgiving.I went out on Black Friday! Yup I did....I only went to Wal-Mart.,and didn't get very much,Got home....and well I want to go back out,to go to the library,but mom says no.I don't have my license, just yet... :( I'm working on getting it though. I just have something on hold at the library,and there's suppose to be a movie there someones returning.I just hope I would be there to get it...but I have to wait.I don't think it can be put on hold right now,and I HATE waiting.I'm so far waiting for two or more movies to see from the library the three day movies go fast, you have to be there like that,it's frustrating.I also have my volunteering tomorrow so I wont have a chance to really go to the library tomorrow either.I guess I'll wait till Monday,in hopes I get what I'm looking for.Monday's are always busy.

- Alex

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