Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Sorry it's been so long,since last post.I've just been so busy I haven't had time to post.
First, I had an AWESOME Christmas! I got some really neat stuff. Some DVD's,2 Snuggies,a external hard drive w/ movies on it...Star Trek doesn't work.But that can be fixed.Some bath stuff,the new Flyleaf cd :D woohoo,adn a subscritption to DeviantArt. I can now really work on my art! :D I'm going to add some new art,but also having to re-add some that I accidentally deleted.I go to the Humane Society,and the Ohio Bird Sanctuary tomorrow.I'm excited about that too!

A new updated pic of my,with face-paint


A side-view of the face-paint

I'm also going to try going Vegan starting the new year,I've tried a few things...and I like it already,but I need a big break from meat,and I'm trying to improve my diet and start to eat healthier.
I'm excited about it though,I guess you could say that's my new years revolution,and hopefully keep it!

I think I'm hanging out with friends for new years eve....I'm excited about that too.I love hanging out with my friends,and this new year will hopefully be better all around.

Merry Christmas everyone,and if I don't get around till posting till after the new year, then Happy New Year to you too.


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