Monday, November 16, 2009

Safe and Sound/Lock and Load

What a day...out for appointements all day,well one part was kinda fun it was B-I-N-G-O...yup not many prizes were there this time,but I got a cool necklace.

It's a door....all I need is a key now. :D

and it opens up to show a heart,it's like the door to my heart I guess.....

I had thought of gluing the door shut,it swings open while wearing it,and I really like how it looks closed.

I also got some earrings from bingo,but I thought the necklace was awesome...I'm keeping my eye out for a key definitely.

I also have been listening to Opera more...Sarah Brightman in particular. Today I went into the library was going in to get rock/metal and came out with more opera....

I'm hoping to get some pictures of some jewelry I've made up soon.I haven't finished one yet and once it's finished I'll post it.I think I ran out of the type of beads I was using though so I have to rethink my plan.


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