Friday, February 4, 2011

Angels and Demons ( NOT referring to Dan Browns novel)

Today we were able to get to the store, most of you know were in the middle of nowhere and not able to get into town very often. Today we were able to, we went to the places we needed, here and there, and then at our last stop Wal-Mart and we had started having out things rang up. Mom told my and my brother we might not be able to get the last few things, they weren't necessities , the lady behind us handed my mom $20 saying we shouldn't have to go without.
 My mom thanked her and payed and wanted to start to cry, i think she did a little, i was loading the cart with everything so at first i didn't know what happen, but she told me and i was touched. it truly inspired me, and yes there are angels among us. They may not have wings,fly,glow, or anything else, but there normal people. Thank you!

i know there are some bad people out there,demons as they may seem i just read about some in some books i borrowed from a friend, heck i couldnt even finish the books, i can watch the documentaries on tv, and watch horror movies, as well as read the books,but these i for some reason found myself only skimming them, and how can i read books on children who are abused and stuff,and am able to read them a lot, i think it cause i know there is HOPE and the end, and GOOD comes out of it. They are SAVED, and taken to good homes.
Another good thing is, sometimes the people who scare us, or look bad, have a good side to them, i have read and seen so much on this, the people who scare us could end up saving us in a bad situation.

I hope you take time to think about this post, and to thank those angels around us!


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